I started writing software with the intent of helping people make more of themselves. The Web is excellent for providing educational resources, social activities, and/or business opportunities. A well implemented piece of software can open up many opportunities for the people who need them the most: an artist in rural Arkansas will now have a platform for her paintings, a mom in central Florida would have a store to sell homemade trinkets, or local people would be able to meet others to have someone to practice a foreign language.

Software can help businesses big and small by reaching consumers across the nation or by an effective means of managing the internals of an organization. Businesses are driven by growth, and software can be a driving force for that growth. Revenue grows, jobs are added, families get fed, kids go to college, its a positive loop cycle for everyone involved.

This blog is developed with the intention of using the Feynman method. It is the goal of it's author to break down complex topics to its simplest form. Concepts should be written in such a way that someone with very little or no programming experience should be able to understand. It is well known that the best way to learn something, is to teach it. These are my attempts at teaching.